8 Google Ranking Factors That Will Affect Your Website in 2023

Here are Google’s Top 8 Proven SEO Ranking Factors for Huge Traffic in 2022, which will help you optimize your SEO, Your Mobile Website, and Your Desktop Website Too.

Mobile-First Indexing

Out of “8 Proven SEO Ranking Factors for Huge Traffic in 2022” this is having the highest weightage, Since We all Know That Google had a plan to switch all websites to mobile-first indexing up to Sep 2020. but due to corona, it was not possible.

but now Google has a plan to switch all websites to complete mobile-first indexing in March 2021.

Today there are so many websites, which are not mobile-friendly, once mobile-first indexing will be implemented it will also affect existing websites’ ranking because it will increase competition and will give another ranking to existing good quality websites.

“what does mobile-first indexing mean?”

it doesn’t mean that your website will be crawled by a mobile bot (smartphone bot) instead of a desktop bot.

if any part of your website is not visible on the smartphone then that particular part will not be used in indexing and ranking by Google.

e.g. if your website is having different image alt text on mobile and desktop sites then Google will only use the mobile version of your website.
if the images on your mobile website are not of good quality or are blurred then it will affect your ranking. if the images on your mobile website are served by different URLs then it will also affect your ranking.

let us consider if your website is already in mobile-first indexing but you have a backlink from a website that is still crawled by a desktop bot, then this deadline of march 2021 will affect your website ranking a little bit.

if your website is still crawled by a desktop bot, so get ready to make it mobile-friendly before march end, check the mobile version of your website pixel by pixel, with no different tags, and make sure your all content is visible on the smartphone also.

Make Sure You Resolve the Below Error Also

1. “Text Too Small to Read Error”
2. “Content wider than Screen Error”
3. “Clickable Elements are Too Close to Together Error”.

Page Experience

Page experience is a Negative Ranking Factor which means that you get punished if your website is slow or your page experience is low, on the other side you did not get any benefit if your website is FAST.

But But But from May 2021 Google had included “Page Experience” in Ranking Signals which means you will start receiving benefits of your FAST Website. so your website should be fast and responsive to get a good ranking.

Page Experience includes Below 7 Factors to determine whether your page is fast or not.

1. Fast Landing
2. Quick Interactivity
3. Visual Stability
4. Mobile Friendliness
5. Safe Browsing
6. https (means SSL will be mandatory)
7. No Intrusive Interstitial

The First 3 Factors are Known as “Core Web Vitals”

Structured Data or Schema Data

Google is increasing focus on Schema Data Continuously

What Schema Data is?

“It helps search engines to understand page content like logo, link, video, Faqs, etc, has already been added in GSC last year to get reports.

it means that you will get reports regarding logos, links, videos, and Faqs from GSC if you have added these Schema Data in your Website Seo.

Google now penalizes websites, that are using the wrong schema data. Schema Data Can also be implemented very simply with the help of “Google Tags Manager”.

Schema data is like cycling, it looks tough in the beginning but as you go and use it continuously it turns to enjoyment.

Focus on Multimedia

It is very important for Images and Videos on your website that they should be part of your SEO Strategy. Because Properly Optimized Images with “Alt Attribute” can drive good traffic to your website by image searches, also videos can help you get Branding and Lead Generation.

For e.g. upload a YouTube video with a proper Title, Description, and Tags then embed this on your website and Add “Video Type Schema Data” to your website page. this will increase huge traffic from the “video search section” of Google.

Local Seo

Your website should rank locally to get Traffic and Google Ranking Benefits by local SEO, as per my experience top 3 of Google My Business listings are also coming on the first page of Google.

Keyword Intent

Don’t research on keywords only, but research on “keyord intent” also. what is the search volume of a keyword is important but what is the purpose of a user who is typing a particular keyword is also very very important.

There are 3 major types of keyword Intents

  1. Information
  2. Navigation
  3. Transactional

Google is talking about fulfilling the “Need of a user” in its “Quality Raters Guidelines” Quality Raters Gives a Score to websites based on Fulfilling User’s Need.


it is a big ranking factor for YMYL Pages, (Your Money Your Life), Experts with relevant expertise need to write YMYL content only.

You need to Focus on Expertise Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT), before writing the main content of the below topics.

  • Medical advice
  • Journalistic news articles
  • Information pages on scientific topics
  • Financial advice, legal advice, and tax advice
  • Advice pages on high-stakes topics (home remodelling, parenting, etc.)
  • Pages on hobbies that require expertise, e.g., photography, playing guitar

Long Firm Content/Article helps to establish “EAT” for main topics. but sub-topics can be covered by a small post. it means writing a long and detailed article and trying to cover the topic from A to Z.

Focus on Technical SEO

Google has already launched so many AI and ML features.

B.E.R.T. is an AI-Driven Algorithm, Google Analytics Score Heavily Depends on AI.

The Weightage of Google Ranking Factors is decided by ML-based algorithms in real time.


Every Seo should start working on the above 8 factors if they are looking to get noticed in google search results.

Google says “useless results are useless”

so please don’t make a useless website and don’t do SEO on it

SEO is a marketing Technique, Marketing will help you only when the product is good. so make a great website first.

if you have any questions regarding my post “8 SEO Ranking Factors for Huge Traffic in 2022” please write them down in the comment section I will be happy to answer.


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