Campaign Level Optimization Rule: Google Ads

I am having more than 400 Campaign with ₹2 Cr Monthly Budget, I lost my Search Imp. Share from 90% to 10% , and CTR from 25% to 10%, these matrics were going down drastically.

It was very difficult to know which campaign should be optimized because the number of campaigns are huge.

I took various steps to get my lost SIS and CTR, I failed and failed upto 3 weeks, no hope.

but finally i used below metrics and have made below rules on campaign level.

After applying below rules, I finally got my SIS and CTR back to normal.

1. Ad CTR >=20%–All Time Data—Resume
2. Ads with CPUL >=2000 & Ad CTR<=19.99%—All Time Data—Pause
3. KW CTR >=20% –All Time dData—Resume
4. Adgroup CTR>=20% & CPUL<=1000—All Time Data —Resume

If you have similar problems in your google campaigns but you are not able to get this back, you can contact me by writing a comment below.