SEO Concrete Plan

SEO Concrete Plan

Let’s start with the learning process of SEO, the entire process of coming to the front page at the magical position on the search engine is called SEO and to get this magic position, we should have a solid plan!

The most popular users of search engine are adult population, apart from e-mail, Search is the most popular online activity, do you have some idea about how many Billion Searches Google processes in 1 day, I tell you “5.6 billion searches every day”!

Today you do not need to send your advertising message to the people, now just sit and wait for that exact time when your customers search for your product and Google show him your offer!

Let’s understand this little, according to TOP SEO Practitioners and SEJ (search engine journal), the sales lead coming from SEO is 15% easier to convert than the normal sales lead and According to another study, ROI from SEO is 500% more from Normal Advertising.

SEO is only a story of traffic and location!

In my journey of 7 years on SEO, one thing is well known to me which is absolutely true! “I or any SEO professional cannot provide 100% successful results every time”!Success on search engines means increased traffic and visibility of your website!

According to a report by Global Leader “ComScore” that measure the digital world and marketing intelligence “Google is the Giant in providing search results on search queries”.

Now the question is “why should Google display your website at the top position

Does the poor quality of your website spoil Google’s image


Does Google make you a topper regardless of it!

According to me, there should be a system for both of them in which both should be in win-win situation!

This is where Google Algorithms begin to originate,
Algorithm is an interface that works between your website and search engine.

Your website–>Algorithms–>Search engine

The search engine starts crawling your website according to the algorithm so that it can get new pages and new content, in the Crawling process unfortunately, only text and links can be scanned by search engine’s Radar! it can’t read images!!

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