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Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel used by global companies, Re-marketing with Email marketing is the best way to acquire, engage and retain customers, this methodology has proven itself a perfect digital marketing tool, sending targeted emails to website visitors can turn into real customers, there is no doubt that email marketing service makes our customer acquisition easy and manageable, just Focus on the important points in draft email and put the rest on us, no doubt ,generously designed emails is the key of your business success and branding.

We will create a professional-looking email in no time! Write Content, Create email template,  Add style and Add Color that you want to use to make it perfectly match with your brand and wow for your audience.. Email Signup Form feature. Retargeting your Facebook page audiences based on their reaction and Create different Landing Pages for your email campaigns, additionally keeping track of all your contact details in one place.

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Your Benefits

Increase repeat visits

Over 70% of website visitors will never return again so we need to re-market via email marketing to build a connection with those visitors.

Low Cost

There is no physical print, no physical posters, no physical banners, no physical postage, no physical magazines, and no television channel required as to start selling, we will create all in digital format and market for you.

Build a loyal following

Repeat visitors like who give 3-4 visits to your website results actually think of doing business with you.

Instant results

email has the power to create sense of urgency which can drive results within minutes. A well written email also has the influence to convinces the subscribers to take prompt action.

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Email Package

*cost per thousand emails

1 – 10,000 emails in INR 1200/CPE

10,000 – 50,000 emails INR 1000/CPE

50,000 – 250,000 emails INR 800/CPE

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