Google Adsense Revenue Share Update 2023

As per the New AdSense Revenue Share Update, Publishers will get a 68% share with Direct Ads, and Google AdSense keeps 32% while with Third-party ads Publishers will get 80% while Google AdSense retains 20% of revenue.

AdSense Revenue Share Update

One can call it very big breaking news or call it shocking news that no one had expected from Google AdSense that such a change has been presented, on Nov 2, 2023.

It was announced, that there are some changes in Revenue Share between Publishers and Advertisers, this update in Revenue Share Policy of Google AdSense 2024 will be implemented from January 2024 or early February 2024.

Until now if you earn through your websites, Blogs or Android Apps then you get 68% as a Publisher and Google Adsense keeps 32% of revenue.

Google has said that they have not done this in the last 20 years, and now the time has come, to update the revenue share of Google Adsense policy, between a publisher and an advertiser.

as we all know Google Adsense gets Ads in two ways, one is available “Directly” and the other is available from a “Third Party“.

In the case of Direct Ads (i.e. when advertisers use Google Display to place ads on Adsense), the Publisher will still get a 68% revenue share and Google Adsense will still keep 32% of revenue. So there is no change in the case of Direct Ads.

In the case of Third-Party Ads (i.e when an Advertiser use any third-party Platform to place ads on Adsense) in that case, there is a piece of good news for all of us, now Publisher will get 80%, and the remaining 20% will be kept by Google Adsense.

Google AdSense to Adopt Impression-Based Payments From 2024

Google AdSense to Adopt Impression-Based Payments From 2024

The second change that is being announced is “Google is switching from pay-per-clicks model to pay-per impressions model. According to this “clicks will not matter now”. So you as a publisher will not get any money from that.

Now Google will pay you as per the number of times an Ad will be displayed on your website, which means pay per impression.

Many people might be impacted by this update, so please don’t skip reading this article, especially the last lines, I tried to explain who will be the worst hit and who will benefit from it.

Google Ads Platform Usage Charges

Now Google is changing one more thing here, Now Google Ads will deduct 15% as “Platform Charges”.

Suppose you put money directly into Google Ads, right? And you want to run a campaign, with a “Total Spend” of $1000, till now Google has not charged anything for using the Google Ads Platform, except Taxes.

but now Google Ads will start deducting 15% as “Platform Charges”.

So Net Amount Available to Run Ads may reflect as below.

Total BudgetPlatform Fee (15%)Taxes India (18%)Net Amount

Updates To How Publishers Will Get Paid

Apart from this, the next update says that till now Google AdSense payment has been released on the 21st of every month in a single transaction but after the “New Revenue Share Update in January 2024” this payment may come separately.

Basically, it will come in two parts, I think one transaction will be done from “Direct Ads” in which you will get 68% and the other transaction will come from “Third Party Ads” which will give you 80%, in another transaction.

As per Google the reason for all this is that Google wants to increase transparency and trust between the advertiser and the publisher, earlier only 68% of your share was visible, whereas 32% of your share was not visible. But now Google is saying that we are increasing transparency, from now on you will see a share of both in Google AdSense.
That means 20%, 32%, 68% or 80%, who got how much, all this stuff will be visible there.

AdSense Revenue Share Update Impact

AdSense Revenue Share Update Impact

First of all, you must know that this update is not applicable to YouTubers, the best thing for them is that they are not affected by this Update in any way.

The Content Creator from YouTube will still get 55% and the Adsense will still keep a 45% revenue share. On the other hand, Those who earn money from their websites, blogs or Apps. are going to be impacted by this update.

let’s take an example Generally, many websites are “Technology-based“, and their viewers are aware that the ad is visible, so they click on the ad very little.
So those website owners are using Affiliate Marketing to monetise their site.

Now here, when website owners get money for only Ad impressions, then obviously their earnings will increase, in that case, those people will also apply For “Google Adsense”.

Second thing, after the “Revenue Share Update in Google Adsense” your earning is definitely going to increase. So those people who do not work on the website, do not work on the blog, they should start it today because in 2024 you will see good potential in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the revenue share update take effect?

The revenue share update will be implemented starting from January 1, 2023.

Website owners, bloggers, and app developers who earn money through Google AdSense will be impacted by the revenue share update.

No, YouTubers are not affected by this update. They will continue to receive a 55% revenue share.

Website owners will see an increase in earnings as they will now be paid based on ad impressions.

Google aims to increase transparency and trust between advertisers and publishers by making the revenue share visible to both parties.

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