How Google Algorithm Works: SEO

Cracking the Code: Demystifying Google's Algorithm for SEO Success

How Google Algorithm Works : SEO

In this blog, I will try to explain how Google’s algorithm works and share useful tips to improve your website’s SEO and get higher search rankings.

Google made www to navigate search queries through search engines, Right?

How Google’s algorithm determines the relevance and quality of website content to rank it in search results. Factors include keyword targeting, backlinks, user experience, and content optimization. Effective SEO involves understanding and optimizing the algorithm

I know some people who are working very hard to rank their website on Google, but their efforts and hard work do not work anymore. Do you know why because they are the students of those “ghost writers” who are writing blogs on SEO even though they don’t know the complete or full ABC of it?

Competition Between Keywords To Win The Webmaster’s Decision

Competition Between Keywords To Win The Webmaster’s Decision

Ok Let’s go to know the history of SEO, Do You know why the user base of Google increased drastically, here is the answer: users of Google were able to find colourful results of what they were searching for or whatever Google’s users want they could find it from Google in colorful pages. My below lines in inverted commas will help you to understand Google’s algorithm.

“There is a competition between keywords to win the webmaster’s decision.”
It is only the webmaster’s decision which is responsible for the TOP positioning of your web page, in this run we have to understand the “concept of webmaster”.

Google First Update: - (Florida Update - November 16, 2003)

Google First Update: - (Florida Update - November 16, 2003)

Before 2003 webmasters used to put those keywords at the top whose frequency was high on the web page. This is called keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing was become a scam in the internet world then in 2003 Google announced its first update on the webmaster’s algorithm with the name “Florida Update” In this update Google destroyed the playground of keyword stuffing. After this millions of web pages become outrank from Google.

So being an SEO professional one must keep an eagle eye on the latest update released by Google.

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