How To Combat Fraud Click
How To Combat Fraud Click

How To Combat Fraud Click

If you are running Google ads or Microsoft ads then you have to keep in mind that 25% of the Google ads traffic is invalid and a quarter of their budget is never able to generate any customer for business.

In this article I will try to make you understand the whole mechanism of fraud clicks and all the ways to prevent from these fraud clicks.

Meaning of fraud clicks:

As the name says these are fake clicks that are done to hamper the liability of ads.

Various ways in which fraud clicks are done:

1.COMPETITORS : Competitors use various spy tools to check our ads,they click on our ads and we have to pay for that spend.

2.BRAND HATERS: There are always some people who don’t like a particular brand or many programmes like food and nutrition ,weight loss products.So these people can also do fraud clicking.

3.ACCIDENTAL CLICKS: Fraud clicks can also be done accidently.

4.CLICK FARMS: When group of people are involved in doing fraud clicks.

5.BOTS: Bots are machines ,you can say  just like a robot which is capable of fraud click.


Thus, now we know how even after spending alot why we are not able to get any conversion.

TOOLS to counter fraud clicks damage

1.CLICK CEASE: It is an amazing tool which you can use for google ad ,Microsoft ad ,search campaigns etc. against fraud clicks from the competitors,bots.It is a paid tool.

2.TRAFFIC GUARD: It is the best tool.This tools has tremendous features that are designed  to prevent  fraud clicks.It is also a paid tool.

3.CLICK MAGICK: This tool provide a 14days free trial before one may use it.It has got a wonderful feature of clickshield which help us to combat fraud clicks.

4.BeMOB:It is a free tool but you have to upgrade from free basic to paid features  .It has a feature FRAUD PROTECTION which detect fraud,block bots to get high quality human traffic.It also provide a good feature named PEERCLICK which has got ANTIFRAUD KIT.So according to your business size you can use this tool.


It is suggested that if you are a beginner than you can start by using  BeMOB and as you excel and gain experience in your working strategy  then can switch over to these excellent tools like CLICK CEASE and TRAFFIC GUARD as discussed above.BEST OF LUCK and ROCK upon the fraud click.