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How to Use Cloudflare Free SSL on WordPress

in this post I will write step by step implementation of using Cloudflare Free SSL with any website specially with WordPress websites

SSL is not as cheaper as shown in the advertisements, Hosting companies are providing ssl in the cost of peanuts or sometime free too for first year.

what happens after one year of purchasing SSL, Yes you need to “Renew your SSl”, this is the time when hosting provider will withdraw all money including profit on this purchase.

Let me explain with godaddy, they are providing SSL only in 199 with the domain name purchase in first year.

But for second year when you will want to renew your SSL then it will cost you around 3000/- ridiculously for next one year.

If customers buy an ssl from third parties, then godaddy never provide support to implement third party SSL, but it is still not much cheaper.

So what is the permanent solution of this problem, or do we have any Free SSL Provider in the arena.

The answer is “yes” you can use free ssl with the help of so many free ssl provider companies, but who is the best for Free SSL in the globe, The answer is “cloudflare”, here you can easily implement Free and secure SSL on any website.

Here i am going to explain step by step procedure of “implementation of FREE SSL using cloudflare”

so here we go, follow these step and enjoy free ssl onboard.

Step1.  Create your account

Step 2. Verify your account by clicking on the link sent on your registered email id

Step 3. Login to your cloudflare account

Step 4. Add your website address in this format e.g.

Step 5. Select a Free Plan of $0/month

Step 6. Now it will show all DNS Records used in your domain name

Step 7. In the next screen you will get “new nameservers” from cloudflare

Step 8. Copy the nameserver from cloudflare Dashboard and

Step 9. Paste into your domain provider DNS settings

Step 10. It will take some time to replicate changes, so you can wait upto that time

Step 12. Login in your wordpress account and go to plugins and install “Clouddlare Flexible SSL” plugins into your wordpress account and “Activate” it

Step 11. Nameservers replication, you can check whether it was successful or not by clicking on “Re-check now” in your cloudflare account

Step 13. Once the nameserver replication is done then Congratulations you are all set with the Free SSL

Step 14. Open browser and check you Free SSL with green security lock sign.


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