Negative Keywords and How To Use Them In Google Ads

Negative Keywords are very popular in Google PPC Ads, Bing PPC Ads, Amazon Ads, and Local Search Ads by your Google My Business Listings, Negative Keywords and their Implementation, and How to Find them via tools, here is a step-by-step guide.

Negative Keywords are those particular keywords that you don’t want to use to show your in ads, it is very important to ad negative keywords in your campaign because it works like a shield to protect your budget,

e.g. if you are selling cheap cars and your keyword is

Buy Cheap Cars in India

if someone wants to buy an “AUDI Car” then most probably your ad will be shown to him because he will type

Buy AUDI Car in India

in this example, AUDI is your Negative Keyword.

Exact Match is a type of keyword that can prevent users not to see your ads but I guarantee your ad will not get very good results in an ad campaign if you use exact match keywords, because you will lose so many good customers also, so generally, we use a combination of Broad Match Keywords +Negative Keywords to get the full performance of our campaign.

From your Google campaign “search terms” you can choose a list of Keywords and add them as Negative Keywords.

Friends, I am looking for comments from those who need more explanation on the topic!


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