How To Set Up Bemob With Clickbank Free | Full Tutorial - 2022

How To Set Up Bemob With Clickbank Free | Full Tutorial – 2022

Tracking using proper url parameters and less delay in real time data can make any affiliate marketer’s jurney of making online money very very easy.

BeMob is execellent tracking tool for tracking campiagn perormance.

it is very useful in Native Ads.

BeMob gives 10,000 event (visits) per month absolutely free, also gives 5 custom domains with free SSl.

Open –> Signup –> Signin –> Select Currency INR or USD.

** Set Time Zone –> Go to Settings –> Reporting –> Edit –> select your  time zone –> Save

#1. Now Setup Affiliate Network  (for clickbank, Traffic Ventures etc, etc). 

Setting up network is one time task only.

1-way:- if network is available or listed, then it will be setup Automatically.

Home –> New –> New Form Template

Select ClickBank –> Save.

2-way:- if network is not available or not listed, then we have to setup this manually.

Home –> New –> Name (Fill  Network Name)

Copy Postback url –> set in  CPA Network.

#2. Now Setup Traffic Source”  (for clickbank, Traffic Ventures etc etc). 

Setting up network is also a one time task only, Here you have  to mention the name of 

the traffic source you will use to capture traffc from eg:- Google,  Bing, Facebook,  Taboola etc.

Go to Traffic Source –> New –> New Form Template –> Bing –> Next

setup “Custom Query”, “Custom Token” and “Name” as per your convinient to track data

  Query Token Name
Custom1 AdGroup AdGroup Ad Group
Custom2 Adid Adid Ad Id
Custom3 Keyword Keyword Keyword
Custom4 CampaignID CampaignID Campaign ID
Custom5 Device Device Device
Custom6 Querystring Querystring Query string
Custom7 Extensions Extensions Extensions

SAVE this 

Now  Traffic Source  has been set as Bing.

#3. Now Setup “Flows” (used for Traffic diversion between LP’s)

eg       80% –> Lp 1

            20% –>  Lp 2

#4. Now Setup Landings”  (used to setup LPs to be used in campaigns).

New –> Name 

–> Your Lp Name .       

–>    URL –> Your Lp   URL.

–>    Save

#5. Now Setup Offers”  (setup Offers given by your affiliate network). 

New —> Name 

–> Your  Offer Name

—> Affiliate Network –> Your Network Name

—>  URL  –> Your  Affiliate  Link

**How go to get your affiliate link go to ClickbBank –> Promote

Select Your Account Nick Name -: 7 2 9 1 0

Tracking ID-: put sommething else here it will bocome “tid” e.g. shareef

–> Click on Generate hoplinks

–> Copy hoplink into a text file

in which you will see “tid =shareef”

————/?  tid = shareef

———–/?  tid=  {clickidlong}        

copy this link

paste  in  URL  in offer

#6. Now Last Step is to create a Campaign.

New –> Name -: Name  Your  Campaign 

Traffic  Source :- Bing, Google  etc.

Destination-:  Select Built  in flow

Select –> Add Landing  & Add offer


Now  you will get a Campaign URL and Click URL.

Copy  Campaign URL –> Paste into Tracking Tamplates in Google or Bing.

Copy Click URL –> inset into CTA’s in your LP.

Note-:  keep an eye on bot click & real click.

#  Block the ip of Bot Network 

Click on = ips