Step By Step How To Configure ClickBank Basic To Advanced
How to Configure ClickBank

Step by Step How to Configure ClickBank Basic To Advanced

Open Your Sub Account in ClickBank

Setting –> Integrations –> ClickBank Integrations

You will find two keys like below

1-Secret key  (copy this)

2-Instant Notification Key (copy this)

Now You have to set these both keys in ClickBank “Main Account”

For This 

Open ClickBank Main Account –> Vendor Setting –>  My site –> Scroll Down –> Advanced Tools –> Edit

1.  Secret key : Past Here –> Save Changes

2. Instaul Notification  URL : Paste Here –> Test IPN –> Save Changes.

** Set Time Zone –> Go to Settings –> Reporting –> Edit –> select your  time zone –> Save

Now, You Have Setup ClickBank Successfully. ClickBank work is done.