What is Domain Authority and Domain Ranking

What is Domain Authority and Domain Ranking

Scrap Dealer has no value of any book he will judge a book only by its weight, not by the quality of the book. in this section, I am going to explain What is Domain Authority and Domain Ranking and How people can increase DA very easily. Domain Authority is a metric invented by

if someone says you “High DA or DR…. Bla Bla” then you should understand he or she needs to learn more about SEO.

DA doesn’t affect the RANKING of any website, the reason Google Doesn’t rank any website, it ranks only Pages. Because Google is Having a Page Rank Algorithm, not Domain Rank Algorithm. Google does Indexing of different pages, not the entire domain.

There was no option to add a nacked domain in GSC, you have to use HTTP HTTPS or WWW to add the nacked domain. so if only one score (DA) is claiming to Rank the entire domain, obviously it will not work.

DA is Useless this is why an SEO can increase it very easily. it is easy to increase,

Do you want to know How? Let Me Explain,

take any “Post Comment Tool” and start increasing your DA by making “Profile backlinks”, “Signature Backlinks & Comment Backlinks, any type of backlink can increase your DA score instantly Because Moz Can not analyze the quality of backlinks. it doesn’t have that capacity.

But Google has a very intelligent system to measure quality backlinks so Google never considers these types of backlinks, In the Best case scenario, Google will ignore your page or In the Worst case scenario, Google will penalize your page.

Now you have to decide if you want to do SEO for Google or for MOZ. Remember Moz has made his DA Metric very popular but MOZ is not Google. it is itself MOZ only.

From the MOZ perspective, it is a very good strategy for them but for google it is nothing, they have made this DA metric popular by so so many efforts. Moz Says in one of its articles that “Domain Authority is not a metric used by Google in determining search rankings and has no effect on SERPs”

on the other side, Google Search Console never gives any score to a single metric that determines Ranking.

ok Just let me explain another way, on any page of your website upper most backlink has the highest-ranking weightage and the footer backlinks have the lowest ranking weightage, do u agree with me?

it is because google bot copies the nature of a human being while crawling your website and assume that a real visitor has a higher chance to click on the upper backlink instead of footer backlinks.

this system of Google is known as the “Reasonable Surface Model” which Moz can’t use at all. so Moz only checks the Numbers of Backlinks while Google Check The Quality Of Backlinks.

DA= No of Backlinks (whether good or bad no problem for Moz :-))

Google= Quality of Backlinks (One of the Ranking Factor)

so these spammy, lowest quality backlinks by MOZ can damage your Google ranking permanently! So my request to new SEO’s not to consider and explain DA as a Google Ranking Factor!!

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