What is Local SEO and How to Rank No 1 Locally

Local SEO is a key to success for all types of Businesses, for this, you have to list your business on “Google My Business” and then take the below points into consideration to get noticed in 3 top results, in this section I am going to tell you about “What is Local SEO and How to Rank No 1 Locally“.

Google Check 3 major Points to Rank a business on search results, But in Website SEO this is very complicated

1.Relevance (Matching User’s Query to the Listing or it Services)

2. Distance (User Distance From The Listing Service Area)

3. Prominence (How Popular and authentic is the listing)

How Local SEO can help any business to grow or how it can ruin any business also,

Local SEO Means telling Search engines that your business is the best in a particular local area and in a particular category.

local SEO is like making Google Happy, Just like your customers,

80% of local searches are done by mobile devices through google (actually 95%),

and Google shows Google my Business Results in return for local searches.

factually google shows 3 results per search in results. this is why Local SEO is also called 3 Pack SEO.

YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google because your customers are linked with youtube so if you are not on youtube you are at a big loss. YouTube is very useful for Local SEO.

Facebook is also important for Local SEO, you must have an optimized Business page on FB to attract your customers, people give reviews on your Facebook page and these results are shown on your “Google My Business Listings”, so don’t forget to include Facebook in your Local SEO Strategy.

apart from these use “Local Classified Websites” in promoting your GMB listings.

Normally people get no results in local SEO only by verifying their business listings on Google, But there are many areas in the GMB Dashboard where you need to work on, just look at Google My Business Listing,

What is Local SEO and How to Rank No 1 Locally

Here are some points to be noticed

1. Internal /external photos, maps, and other pictures you need to update in the Google My Business listing.

2. Name of your business, website & direction

3. Reviews & Category

4. Address, Opening Date Working Hours, and other details.

please check your Google My Business Listings at least once a month because some people can give wrong suggestions about your business listing to Google.

Now I am Going to Tell You How to Improve Your Ranking in GMB i.e. Local SEO, Before starting, I want to tell you it will take time so be patient and work continuously.

1. NAP Profile (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Everywhere you write your NAP Profile on the internet (like GMB, FB, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter) make sure these things are always in the same format, there is no scope of even a single comma and space in your NAP profile.

if you will follow this point Google will show an extra option in your GMB listing called “Reviews from the Web”.

2. Citations

Note: “Backlinks are for the website but Citations are for GMB Listing or Real Business” in Backlink website URL and anchor text are important but in citation Name, Address, and Phone Number are Important

“Citation is directly proportional to GMB Ranking”

Citations are completely dependent on your NAP profile.

“How to increase Citations”?

There are two methods to increase citations

1. Create your business local profile on all available local classified websites with NAP.

2. Search your competitor’s name on Google and look from which websites they are getting citations, Now start creating your own citation with your NAP Profile.

3. Create the below schema code with your NAP profile and paste it into your website’s header or body part.


You can also create these citations on the below websites

For U.S., Europe & Australia There are Below websites

But For Indian Businesses, you can’t list on those websites or some international agencies (e.g. are providing paid Citations like “10 citations in $40”.

So for Indian businesses, you can use the following website.


1. Create Citations on All Social Media Websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and many other social platforms.

2. Create Citations on All Popular Business Directories Websites like Just Dial, Sulekha, Indiamart, Quicker, and Yellow. place, Call me, Grotal, zompo, Bharat listing, and asklaila

You can type the “add a business listing” phrase keyword in to get a list of websites where you can get a citation, remember to choose your country before doing this search.

#in the last I want to share a very important figure in this post

as per Moz local research data, your Google My Business Ranking is contributed by different metrics as below

1. 25% effect by listing details itself

2. 17% effect of backlinks

3. 16% effect of reviews

4. 14% effect of website signals

5. 11% effect of citations

6. 2.82% effect of social media engagement

in the last, I just want to say about your Local SEO listing, take the above points into consideration and Keep working!