What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), The biggest secret of any business in terms of visibility on search results is SEO.

It is the most powerful internet technology to get noticed on web browsers for Digital Marketers, in this post I tried to explain this most difficult skill set in a very easy way, step by step.

In this run, I will include all the updates from what is SEO from “Basic SEO Part 1” to Advanced SEO Techniques and Tools till 2023.

What is SEO

I started it from the very basic concept which I will cover in my post what is search engine optimization Basics and take it to such an advanced level that is needed by a real SEO marketing professional. I am sure by reading all my posts in the SEO category will save you time and also you will get remarkably good results in SEO.

If you are a Fresher in Digital Marketing Industry then my What is SEO posts can change your life, even a very small SEO technique in my post can help you master your SEO Journey easily, If you really want to learn What is SEO, then you cannot leave those techniques. I have made them so easy to just hold them.

If you are an experienced SEO professional, then I will cover all the latest updates of Google in my further posts and will cover all the best practices that will refresh your memory, and hence you will enjoy refreshing your knowledge. Believe me, SEO techniques can change your life, you will start getting new customers’ telephones and your website will rank number one on Google.

You must believe that DIGITAL MARKETING is the Power to grow any business; SEO Techniques can be used to develop small businesses into large international Brands in a very short time.

There are thousands of posts and articles written on the internet about What is SEO but which one is right and up to the mark, cannot be calculated. On the other hand, Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm so it becomes a bit difficult for anyone to work potentially on SEO.

Basic SEO Part 1

Basic SEO Part 1

SEO has so many faces it has started its journey like a baby but now it is a teenager, In the beginning, Google used to give a static rank by counting webpages or keywords’ reputations. But now days google not only checks the quantity but also the quality of backlinks and assigns a dynamic rank to a webpage.

In my further writing, I will explain


    1. What SEO does do with search engines?

    1. How does a search engine work?

    1. How to Manage a High-Ranking Website?

What SEO does with search engines

Working on SEO is 50% technical and 50% creative, SEO Helps search engines to reach your website pages easily and send relevant and useful traffic that converts.

SEO Professional Major Responsibilities


  • Increasing Website’s Design i.e. User Experience
  • Server & Domain Management
  • The website’s all links Accessibility Checkup
  • Setting Up Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research
  • Planning SEO-Friendly Content
  • Setting Up Structured Data
  • Generating Backlinks
  • Traffic Analysis
  • New Research of an asset for a website


Points to be Noted while Doing SEO

  1. Black Hat SEO (it is just spamming)
  2. Keyword Density (not available in 2020 onwards)
  3. DA do-follow Backlink is nothing, from Sep 2023 Google treats do-follow and no-follow attributes as suggestions, not instructions, it doesn’t affect page ranking.
  4. Google decides Backlinks’ importance by relevancy not by DA, PA, or CIA. Genious people from Youtube, Microsoft Answers or Yahoo Answers are suggesting making do-follow backlinks from the profile, They can’t make Google as fool as a child, google is the biggest company in the world they know how to work. (these genius people should read more about the “google penguin update”)
  5. Duplicate Content Penalty:- It has never been launched by Google, but if you are creating duplicate content on 2 or more pages in your website then Google will Rank only one because they are duplicates. in this case, we must use canonical tags so that we can tell Google that the contents of these particular pages are the same and we want to combine the rank for these pages.
  6. Scrapping:- Continuously copying and pasting content from a website to your website, is very dangerous, Google will Penalize or may de-index your website.
  7. Google ads never increase your rank, Google’s parent company “Alphabet” which is responsible for SEO, can’t be bought by Google ads budget.

Let’s start with the learning process of What is SEO, the entire process of coming to the front page at the magical position on the search engine is called SEO and to get this magic position, we should have a solid plan.

The most popular users of the search engines are the adult population, apart from e-mail, Search is the most popular online activity, do you have some idea about how many Billion Searches Google processes in 1 day, I tell you “5.8 billion searches every day”!

What is SEO

Today you do not need to send your advertising message to the people, now sit and wait for that exact time when your customers search for your product and Google shows them your offer!

Let’s understand this little, according to TOP SEO Practitioners and SEJ (search engine journal), the sales lead coming from SEO is 15% easier to convert than the normal sales lead and According to another study, ROI from SEO is 500% more from Normal Advertising.

SEO is only a story of traffic and location! mark your business location here

What is SEO

in search engine optimization, one thing is known to me which is absolutely true! “no professional can always provide 100% successful results”!

Success on search engines means increased traffic and visibility of your website! According to a report by Global Leader “ComScore” that measures the digital world and marketing intelligence, “Google is the Giant in providing search results on search queries”.

Now the question is “Why should Google display your website at the top position

Does the poor quality of your website spoil Google’s image


Does Google make you a topper regardless of it?

What is SEO

there should be a system for both of them in which both should be in a win-win situation!

This is where Google Algorithms begin to originate, The algorithm is an interface that works between your website and the search engine.

Your website–>Algorithms–>Search engine

The search engine starts crawling your website according to the algorithm so that it can get new pages and new content, in the Crawling process unfortunately, only text and links can be scanned by the search engine’s Radar! it can’t read images!!

What is SEO

Thus SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a critical practice for the improvement of the visibility and traffic of a web page in SERP.

SEO includes optimization of various aspects of a webpage, such as its mobile-friendliness, unique content, structure, and its HTML code, to make it visible on Google.

search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, timely analysis, and Google algorithms.

Overall, SEO plays a vital role in helping businesses establish their online presence and brand awareness.