YouTube Partner Program Guidelines

Things Allowed for You Tubers In 2023

YouTube Partner Program Guidelines

According to the latest guidelines of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), anyone with at least 500 subscribers can now apply for the monetization program, provided they have uploaded at least three public videos in the last 90 days with a minimum of 3,000 watch hours or 3 million short views.

With technology constantly evolving, it’s essential for content creators like you to adapt and embrace the advancements in the YouTube landscape. In “Future-Proofing Your YouTube Channel: What YouTubers Can Expect in 2023,”

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Things Allowed for You Tubers In 2021-2022

Things Allowed for You Tubers In 2021-2022

Here I am gonna tell you “4 Things Allowed for You Tubers In 2021-2022” also you will find some key points about making youtube videos in 2020. Below are some guidelines to prevent your youtube channel from falling under strikes.

  1. you can publish a Movie scene with your voiceover and monetize it.
  2. you can publish Sports videos with your own voice or own commentary and monetize them.
  3. you can publish a Reaction video with funny comments only not vulgar and monetize it.
  4. you can publish a video containing multiple short videos from anywhere with your own creative voice-over e.g. fact-checking videos etc.